Press Release: EUBIP 2017 Position Papers are Published

For Immediate Release: 20/03/2017.

The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Announces the Publishing of European Union Business Information Programme Position Papers for 2017.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR: Today, the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (ECC), a non-governmental business interest group, announced the formal publishing of five Position Papers, in line with its contribution to the European Union Business Information Programme (EUBIP). Each of the five Business Councils of the ECC drafted one of the Position Papers. With these Position Papers, the ECC wants to facilitate an open and constructive dialogue to make Hong Kong’s business environment more competitive, encourage more European businesses to set up and expand their operations in Hong Kong, and to enhance the status of Hong Kong as a vital business hub in Asia and the main business gateway to Mainland China.

The ECC Business Councils bring together professionals from the 1600 European companies operating in Hong Kong. When preparing the Position Papers, the Councils consulted experts and professionals in the respective fields, as well as the EU office in Hong Kong.

The following topics were chosen for the Position Papers:

  • The European Automotive Council’s (EAC) aim is for this position paper to lead to overall improvements in the following target areas: (i) Regulations Inhibiting Future Technology; (ii) Greener Transportation including Electrical Mobility and (iii) Manpower.
  • The Energy and Environment Business Council (EEBC) chose to highlight areas of concern surrounding: (i) Circular Economy; (ii) Commodity Pricing; (iii) Glass Recycling and (iv) Food Waste Management.
  • The Financial Services Business Council (FSBC) selected (i) the status and development of financial technology (FinTech) in Hong Kong. (ii) It analyses the extent to which Hong Kong is prepared to harness the new opportunities presented by this emerging economic sector.
  • The Information and Communication Technology Business Council (ICTBC) Position Paper analyses: (i) Smart Cities; (ii) ICT Infrastructure Initiatives-Public Sector Data; (iii) ICT Application Initiatives-Mobility-as-a-Service; (iv) Ramping up Mechanisms for Attracting Competences, Companies and New Technologies: Innovation Procurement and, at last; (v) Tech Start-Up Ecosystems.
  • The Intellectual Property Rights Business Council (IPRBC) selected to analyse the following topics: (i) Hong Kong’s Global Role in Counterfeit Trading; (ii) IPR Protection-On the Internet; (iii) IPR Protection at the Borders; (iv) Inland IPR Protection and, at last, (v) Co-operation and Awareness.

About EUBIP: The EUBIP programme has been up and running since June of 2014. Its general objective is to strengthen economic partnership and business cooperation with Hong Kong and Macau. It also attempts to ensure that a stronger and more coordinated representation of European business and its interests are present in Hong Kong and Macao, as many European companies use Hong Kong as their China hub or gateway. The day-to-day operations of the EUBIP programme are run by the EEC office.

About the ECC: The ECC is a ‘Chamber of Chambers’ with its membership comprising 15 European Chambers based in Hong Kong and 1 in Macau. The appointed representatives of these chambers make up the ECC board of directors. The ECC’s key objectives are to promote commercial, industrial, financial, scientific and other economic exchanges between Hong Kong and the European Union and to identify problems that European companies may encounter in their development within Hong Kong and their extended Mainland Chinese market.

Click here for the PDF: EUBIP 2017 Position Paper Press Release

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