The European Union Business Information Programme in Hong Kong and Macao (EUBIP) is funded by the European Union. The programme has been up and running since December 2014.

The general objective is to strengthen economic partnership and business cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao and ensure a stronger and coordinated representation of European business and its interests in Hong Kong and Macao, as many European companies use Hong Kong as their China hub or gateway.
The previous European Union Business Information Programme (EUBIP) which ran from 2008-2012 has already made significant headway in raising the profile of the EU in both Hong Kong and Macao, in particular in the area of trade, economics and investment.

This successor programme will continue to further increase the visibility and voice of European business in the two special administrative regions (SARs) and build upon the core activities of the previous EUBIP, including the existing Business Councils which have served to bring together EU business in key sectors like financial services, information and communications technology, and consumer brands (including luxury goods). The Councils have served to identify offensive interests and areas of concern to European industry allowing the Councils themselves as well as the Office of the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao to raise these issues in contacts with the relevant government departments.

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